Modular Construction

Benefits of Modular


Reduce construction schedules by as much as 35% – faster recognition of revenue


Eliminate down time due to weather for the work at the factory, less disruption due to surrounding conditions & reduced administrative efforts.


Reduce costs by as much as 15% and reduce interest carry costs.

Design Build Approach to Module

Promethean Builders’ Modular Division offers complete design build services if you require an architect. The architects and engineers we team with all have decades of modular building experience and understand the nuances of designing with modular. If you already have an architect and they are open minded to learn the systems approach to building with modular our team will assist them.

How Promethean Builders Saves Time & Minimizes Cost Utilizing Modular Building

The benefits of Modular Construction are real and have been proven to developers and owners to reduce consumption schedules by as much as 35% and eliminate down time due to weather for the work at the factory and allow for faster recognition of revenue